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First team listed for scheduled games is the designated home team and will lead in prayer at the start of game.

Can you use ASA bats in USA play and vice versa? Fortunately yes, because these two are ultimately the same entity, you can indeed interchange ASA bats and USA bats and all other approved gear. 

Approved bats will have at least one of the following stamps on it- ASA/USSSA/USA.

Also, in our league you can use a NSA bat but it must have the NSA approved stamp on it as well. 

Many products once stamped with the ASA logo are now stamped only with the USSA Softball logo. ... The specifications have not changed, the rules have not changed, only the logo has changed. Bats and balls with the USA Softball stamp ARE legal for ASA play!
Feb 1, 2020
    CCCSL Waiver/Roster Form 

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2023 Summer CCCSL Championships

A Division

Grace Church.JPG

Grace Church of Mahomet

B Division


 God's Followers

C Division


Meadowbrook- Frank


Team                Won    Loss    RS     RA

Faith UMC                 11             3          189        106

Vineyard Tribe          9               5          155        142

Grace Church            9               5          209        150

Meadowbrook           6               8          180        191

CU Church                  5               9          161        187

FCC                               2              12         122        214 

CU Church B division champs 2022.JPG
B Division Champs

CU/Vineyard Church 

Rantoul A division champs 2022.JPG
 A Division Champs

Rantoul Community Church

meadowbrook champions 2022.JPG
C Division Champs


Summer 2022 CCCSL Championship

Vineyard Blue corec champs 2022.JPG
CoRec Champs
2021 Summer Results

    2021 Summer Division Championship Winners

 Men's A - Vineyard Grey

Men's B - Grace Church of Mahomet

Men's C - Faith UMC

Men's D - Windsor Road Christian

CoRec A- Vineyard Blue

CoRec B - Fellowship Christian Chs.-Hall 

Vineyard Blue
Congratulations to the following 2019 Spring/Summer Tournament Champs
Corec A Champs- Vineyard Blue
Corec B Champs - Savoy UMC
Men's B-1 Champs- Philo Road
Men's B-2 Champs - Champaign Christian
Men's C Champs - C/U Church
Men's D Champas - Remnants 

2017 Summer Softball Season 

Men's B Division Overall Champs - TCBC-S

Congratulations to the following teams for winning their 2014 summer divisional championship game:


Men's A Division Champs - Savoy UMC 


Men's B Division Champs - Fellowship of Christian Churches


Men's C Diviaion Champs - Mahomet 4 Square


Men's D Division Champs - Vineyard White


CoRec A Division Champs - Savoy UMC


CoRec B Division Champs - Faith UMC


Thank you all for participating in our CCCSL summer softball.  





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